WRD Set to Release GRIP Recirculated Environmental Impact Report.

WRD Hosting 8th Annual Groundwater Festival! Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 14.


Grip Recirculated EIR

WRD released a Notice of Preparation regarding the public recirculation of the Environmental Impace Report (EIR) for GRIP and advanced water treatment facility. The recirculated EIR's release is scheduled for early April 2015 and will give the public an opportunity to review the project's environmental analysis to insure that impacts were adequately studied.

A drift EIR for GRIP was circulated for public review last March. Since then, WRD identified a new prorject alternative that would consruct the advanced water treatment facility (AWTF) on a 5.2-acre property adjecent to the San Gabriel River in the City of Pico Rivera. The recirculated EIR will analyze this new alternative. The public will be able to view the recirculated EIR thought WTD's website - www.wrd.org/grip.

This new alternative would replace the previousl proposed location at the San Jose Creek Water Reclamation Plant (SJCWRP) evaluated in last year's draft EIR and avoid the need for a $20 million pipeline.

Groundwater Festival

WRD Hosting 8th Annual Groundwater Festival

Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 14! We are counting dow to the 8th Annual WRD "Treasure Beneath Our Feet" Groundwater Festival and you don't want to miss it.