The Water Replenishment Distric of Southern California (WRD) has developed a draft Groundwater Basins Master Plan (GBMP) as a tool to pland for the region's future water demands.






WRD has begun it budget and rate setting process by holding several public meeting to discuss the 2015-16 budget, which takes effect on July 1, 2015.

Groundwater Basin Master PLan (GBMP)

This plan will serve as a single reference planning document for the public and groundwater purveyors of the West Coast and Central Groundwater basins. The primary goals of the GBMP are to identify a range of projects and opportunities for meeting futhre replenishment needs in the basins and to evaluate ways to enhance future water supplies and reduce reliance on imported water.
The GBMP is a regional plan aimed at more effectively managing the optimizing the groundwater resources of souther Los Angeles County along with local groundwater interests. As the lead agency, WRD is preparing a Program Environmental Impact REport (PEIR) to provide the public, trustee agencies, and responsible agencies with information about the potential effects on the local and regional environment associated witht ehimplementation of the GBMP. The Draft PEIR is expected to be out for public comment March 2015 and approved by the @RD Board of Directors later in the spring.

WRD Budget

As part of its budget process, WRD includes a Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) made up of groundwater pumpers in the service area. Thes groundwater pumpers help determine the replenishment assessment which covers the costs associated with recharging and monitoring the Central and West Coast Groundwater Basins.

"It's important that the public understand that WRD provides among the most transparent fiscal processes where we discuss and analyze every cost which we anticipate will be required to protect the quality and quantity of our groundwater," stated WRD Chief Financial Officer Scott Ota.

More than 70% of WRD's total budget is spent on the cost of water to replenish the District's groundwater basins. WRD has avoided increases to the replenishment assessment in two of the last three years despite California's ongoing drought.

The 2015-16 budget and annal replenishment assessment must be finalized by May 1, WRD will continue to hold a series of public meetings regarding the budget throughout the months of March and April.