John Allen has been a homeowner in Long Beach since 1974. A Los Angeles County prosecutor from 1983 to 2010. He has been on the Long Beack Transit Board of Directors from 1985 to 1993 and has bee on the WomenShelter of Long Beach Board of Directors from 1999 to 2004.

John Allen has spent seven year on the Long Beack Water Commission, twice as president, has devoted years to meeting our water needs while keeping our rates low.

During his years of service. Long Beach's water consumption fell 13.5% and continues to decline during this historic drought.

WRD is responsible for ensuring that four million residents, spread across 43 cities, have access to clean, safe, and reliable groundwater. groundwater makes up 40% of the total water demand in our region. The remaining 60% is imported from Northern California and the Colorado River. While WRD has historically relied upon imported water to replenish the Central and West Coast Groundwater Basins, our agency has steadily invested in programs for locally sustainable water supplies to eliminate our need for expensive imported water.

WRD's Water Independence Now (WIN) Program embodies our effor to eliminate our reliance on improrted water to replenish our groundwater supplies. Last year, WRD took another major step towards achieving our WIN goal ofr complete independence from imported water when we expanded the Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility in Long Beach. WRD now uses 100% locally sustainable water to inject into the Alamitos Seawater Intrusion Barrier that protects the costal area of the Central Groundwater Basin from saltwater intrusion.

With the purchase of 5.2 acres of land adjacent to the San Gabriel River, WRD is poised to build another advanced treatment facility as part of our Groundwater Reliability Improvement Program (GRIP) which will allow us to become independent of imported water to replenish our groundwater basins by 2018. This is a major step toward developing a locally sustainable water supply to help keep water rates stable for the region.