Expansion marks complete independence from imported water for protection of Coastal area of the Central Groundwater Basin.

Photo: Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility.

Facility Expansion Eliminates Need for Imported Water

Advanced Water Treatment Facility protects Central Ground Water

Last December, WRD dedicated the expansion of the Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility (LVLAWTF) located in the City of Long Beach. the distilled-quality water produced at the facility is injected into the Alamitos Seawater Intrusion barrier, which prevents seawater contamination of the Costal area of the Central Ground Water Basin's fresh water supply.

Historically, WRD was required to use imported water to inject into the seawater barriers. Overtime, WRD began to use advanced treated recycled water to reduce the amount of imported water in the barriers.

To completely eliminate demand for imported water, WRD expanded the production of advanced treated water from 3 to 8 million gallons per day (mgd), thereby eliminating the need of imported water to protect the basins from saltwater intrusion. The expanded advanced water treatment includes additional microfiltration (MF), reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet advanced (UV) oxidation systems increasing the plant's overall efficiency, makng it one of the premier treatment plants in the nation.